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Next I found this site: And this looks like exactly what I need.From the documentation it seems that this plugin is able to take the target platform that is compiled from eclipse tycho and write it to a file.

It will then continue to use this locally installed version of Pax-Runner unless you add -U to force it to check online for a later release, or -Drunner=version to temporarily use a different version. Provision Mojo Language: java Available parameters: args User property: args URL of file containing additional Pax-Runner arguments.deploy URLs User property: deploy URLs Comma separated list of additional bundle URLs to deploy.framework User property: framework Name of the OSGi framework to deploy onto.Just define suspend=y, and you will have enough time to attach your Eclipse with a remote debugging session.There is also an eclipse plugin for Pax Runner, you can try that.

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For debugging the bundles it would be nice though to launch them directly from within eclipse, otherwise my breakpoints won't trigger (seems obvious, as pax:provision launches built jar-files that are not tied to eclipse anymore). MF-file is built the usual maven-way, means using maven-bundle-plugin.

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