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It’s this time of year—when sweater weather is in full effect—that we find ourselves turning into enthusiastic moviegoers, spending the weekends catching the latest flicks and filling up on popcorn.Only this time around, it’s not so much what is on our must-watch list, but rather, who.’s approach is different; these characters learn more throughout the running time than Heather, Joshua or Michael ever did.As the film enters its climactic 20 minutes, the prevailing feeling is that the magician has revealed his tricks and what should consequently be nightmarish feels a tad rote.First up, a small part in the English film , starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.“[Tom] told me and brought me into the world of this story, and I read the script and immediately fell in love with it,” she says about joining the project, which took the Grand Jury Prize in Venice.“That was just sort of a moment for me.” But it’s clear Ford saw more in Bamber than simply her keen eye for fashion: The girl has quite the acting chops as well.Before being cast in Ford’s second film, Though 5000 miles (between Los Angeles and London) separated myself from Bamber during our interview, her infectious personality quickly came through over the phone.

“I had a meeting with him, and when I was leaving he said to me, ,” the British beauty and Chanel ambassador recalled.

That the ambiguity and simplicity of the original have given way to a story that's definitely supernatural (though it's not clear exactly what's going on).

Others might feel conversely like it's too much of a retread of the first. is an intelligent and effective return to a beloved genre game-changer that doesn't sully the original and is almost certainly setting up for further sequels to come.

“I had American down, but then there was the aspect of going Southern,” Bamber says.

“There was a tendency to make it too over-characterized.

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Wes Robinson and Valorie Curry impress most as the local Burkittsville residents who appear to know more about the Blair Witch than they let on.

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