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There are many success stories among Bircham International University graduates, but we do not know all of them. in Educational Administration - Completed: 2015TESTIMONY: "Opportunity knocks the door once not twice.

With all the respect for the privacy of your life, we would like to read your testimony here. It may motivate current students to continue working in their programs of study, it may encourage BIU graduates to aim high in their personal lifes and professional affairs, it may help the decision of those candidates who are now considering Bircham International University a suitable option for their future education. Learning from BIU is unique, and its learning sessions are different from on campus learning universities.

Most companies employment criteria is driven by the candidate's know-how, ability to solve problems, and other practical skills, and not just the university degree.

Depois de muitas perguntas que fiz, e sempre prontamente elucidado de forma categórica pelo Exº Sr.

I say once again thanks to Bircham University that facilitated my learning while studying at my own pace." Abdo Miled Abou Jaoude (Lebanon): Doctor Ph. Antoine Abou Assaf, Bircham University's delegate in Middle East and North Africa, and Dr. They both provided me with all the help I needed to complete all the work that I have done during those years. I wish also that BIU continues its way to Absolute Success especially after your continuous and tremendous efforts in addition to the support of all the BIU’s staff.

Moreover, the distance learning program is a fantastic adventure rich of pleasure and knowledge that I invite everyone seeking knowledge and self discipline to experience. I am now an Assistant Professor in the department of mathematics and Statistics at Notre Dame University, Lebanon.

First time I have ever seen in my life as an online university.

This university changed my life in so many ways, because they gave me the gift of education. I believe that BIU is very beneficial for those who would like to do any online course." Akbaruddin Ahmad (Bangladesh): Doctor Ph. in Finance & Banking - Completed: 2012TESTIMONY: "I attended a special graduation in Madrid with the Bangladesh Ministry of Youth.

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