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It comes with a: Features: DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET, Extra long back-up, Fault Detection, Instant Switchover, LCD display, Over Load Management System, Provides pure sine wave output, User friendly display of alerts Su-Kam the Coolest Inverters The review explains the various features of Su-Kam inverters.

The consumer is sure to get an inverter to experience a hassle free power supply during these summers.

To calculate how big of an inverter you need, you have to first know your total electrical load.

We have made this useful tool called 'Power Calculator'.

These inverters can satisfy the requirement of households with various electric appliances.

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It has already been 2 weeks since I filed a complaint and no action has been taken so far despite repeated phone calls to them.

Considering the power situation in gurgaon, I have suffered a lot due to this product.

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