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The discovery could be a turning point in the years-long campaign by anti-human trafficking groups, and Congress, to persuade Backpage to stop hosting prostitution ads, which many teenage girls have claimed were used to sell them for sexual exploitation. So I hope this opens the floodgates of liability for Backpage.

Lawsuits and criminal prosecutions of Backpage in the United States have nearly all failed because Backpage cites in its defense the federal Communications Decency Act, which grants immunity to websites that merely host or screen content posted by others. Nobody deserves it more.” [shuts down adult services ads after relentless pressure from authorities] The Post provided parts of the seized data to Backpage general counsel Liz Mc Dougall for her review. Backpage has frequently noted that it cooperates with and has been thanked by numerous law enforcement agencies for providing investigators with connections to pimps and other criminals.

Ferrer, Lacey and Larkin are facing criminal charges in California for pimping and money laundering, though a court there threw out similar pimping charges last year.

And among eight civil suits filed against Backpage this year is a wrongful-death action in Chicago by the mother of 16-year-old Desiree Robinson, who was slain in December after repeatedly being sold for sex on Backpage.

The Senate report said that more than 93 percent of Backpage’s ad revenue in 2011 came from its adult section, leading to 5 million in gross revenue in 2014, with projected revenue of nearly 0 million by 2019.

Among the sex ads posted on are those for underage boys and girls, authorities and advocacy groups say.

Workers also created phony sex ads, offering to “Let a young babe show you the way” or “Little angel seeks daddy,” adding photos of barely clad women and explicit sex patter, the documents show.

“Backpage has been righteously indignant throughout our investigation,” said Sen. Backpage, based in Dallas, is an online classified ad service similar to Craigslist, with sites operating in at least 97 countries and 943 locations, enabling users to buy and sell cars, audio equipment, concert tickets — and “adult services,” seemingly a smorgasbord of barely disguised prostitution ads.

Claire Mc Caskill (D-Mo.), a subcommittee member, “about how we were infringing on their constitutional rights, because they were a mere passthrough.” She noted, however, that Backpage was not only changing ads but also was also guiding posters in how to conceal their true intentions. Though Backpage announced in January it was discontinuing its “adult services” page, the same types of ads still appear under the “dating” category.

“But that’s nothing compared to this” new information, Mc Caskill said after The Post described the data. Backpage has said that content is protected by the First Amendment, a view which has been endorsed by the courts. But ads in the “dating” section cost at least , and they cost more for posting in more than one city or for periodically moving the ad to the top of the list.

“Every single day, we’re learning something new,” said Yvonne Ambrose, Desiree’s mother.

“Not just what’s going on with Desiree, but what’s happening with Backpage, what they’re doing on this site.

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