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Men and women are practically equal offenders in the infidelity stakes.In fact, slightly more men claim to have been cuckolded in court (15% of male-initiated divorces) than women (14%).The aftermath of divorce is no picnic for men either.Yet it’s women who are more likely to take that drastic and frightening step into the unknown. Women often criticise men for their fear of commitment.

Not to sound crude, but this is like going to the Divorce Casino and playing with the house’s cash.”—yes, that’s the real title—sociologists used survey data to measure the marital effects of watching porn.10% of U. 12 and 13 year olds fear they are addicted to porn.12% of 12-13 year olds admitted to participating in a sexually explicit video.The UK’s divorce courts are so notorious for their supposed “wife-friendly” atmosphere that many men believe they would get a fairer hearing if their divorce proceedings were carried out elsewhere in the EU. British courts can award ex-wives maintenance for life, while some European jurisdictions frequently limit post-marital support to only a handful of years.The potential lifetime supply of maintenance payments may make the stress and misery of divorce a high-reward gamble for British wives at the end of their tether.

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