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The River Nile divides the country unevenly in two, while the Suez Canal provides a third division with the Sinai Peninsula.

GATEWAY Cairo CLIMATE The best season is winder (Oct – May) when temperatures in Cairo are comfortable during the day and cool or even cold at night. During summer (Jun – Sep), Cairo is hot and dry and Upper Egypt extremely hot.

Furnished cabins and chalets spread on the beaches for rent. It lies midway between Port Said and Suez, 120 km from Cairo on the west shore of Al- Temsah lake.

As well as windsurf, motorboat races, diving centers and year round resort.

Its fame increased internationally after becoming a free zone.

One of the attractions is Al-Gameel area, which is a protected area 12 km west of port Said where fishing is practiced.

It is a quiet city with gardens and villas built on the colonial style.

There are hotels, restaurants and clubs that provide excellent services.

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Al-Alamein is known for its serenity, its fascinating scenery and mild climate which excels in its moderation the climate of any other part of the world and attracts thousands of vacationers.

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