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Although he's aged, Julian has held together remarkably well.Much better than his contemporaries like TT Boy, or even Billy Glide, whose body is still rockin' (if a bit roidy) and cock is still fat as hell, but whose face is just busted with age.It doesn't constitute cheating in these people's minds because she knows her gay-for-pay boyfriend doesn't need that kind of sex and crave it strongly.Dean Cox's ex girlfriend made it a rule for Dean; the fact that Dean wanted to do chicks on his website as well is what split them up, I believe.

Someone posted his name in another straight porn thread."Probably Manuel Ferrera. R99, it makes sense for a straight man too have sex with more women too earn more money.

A lot of these "gay for pay" models fell into gay porn just because gay pornographers got to them first and are naturally on the lookout for them; placing a higher priority on them than straight pornographers.

Sometimes, the gay-for-pay model regrets this afterward, when he finds out there's a blacklist against guys who've done gay videos when they want to get into the straight side, like Christian / Maxx Diesel.

Gay guys make more money PER SCENE in gay movies than straight guys in straight movies.

Straights guys in straight movies have longevity, thus making more money in the long run.

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Now he's back in the business.[quote]the best looking guys in gay porn are straight"True that.

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