Free webcam hookups no upgrades

It has motion alerts, a built-in speaker and microphone, and night vision capabilities, plus the company also sells an outdoor version.

If you want additional features—like more advanced alerts based around particular zones and the option to store recordings in the cloud for later review—you'll need to fork out a monthly subscription fee on top of the camera's roughly 5 price tag.

You'll find the setting under the Calls tab in the Options dialog box.

Call your dedicated Skype account from any other computer or phone, and you'll get a window into whatever's happening at home.

Next, if you're turning a phone or tablet into a dedicated surveillance device, free up some room by removing any superfluous apps.

First, install Skype on any webcam-equipped computer in your home, and then set the app to answer incoming video calls automatically.

We've collected three types of systems you can pick from: free software on an old device, off-the-shelf cameras, or a DIY setup.

Here's how to assemble each option as quickly and easily as possible.

If you've got an old phone or tablet lying around, then you can turn it into a home security camera.

Choose this option if you have just one or two rooms to keep an eye on.

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You don't have to invest in a multimillion dollar surveillance system to keep an eye on your property and possessions.

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