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See, Lydia was into Dis--sorry, I better not say it. She was into kid's cartoons, in specific a certain very large company that you're probably very familiar with, wink wink. Seems it was kind of, um..."old-fashioned", let's say, about race.

So it was never coming out on DVD, or video, or even back into theaters. This was a couple years after I'd first met her, and we'd gotten pretty comfortable with each other--especially since I hadn't even tried putting the moves on her since that first day.

Which is a shame, because...look, not to be mean, but when I describe a woman like that, you have a mental image of her in your head, right? It's not my fault temptation got put in my way, and I don't think there are many people out there who could have resisted doing what I did. She talked about those animated movies, and I listened, because I just liked hearing her talk, and I dunno, maybe she thought I was a fan too, or maybe she just thought I was a good listener.

Either skinny as a rail and mousy, or else about fifty pounds overweight and wearing a cardigan. Because she was the one thing I wanted that I thought I could never have. That was where all this started, the whole big mess I'm trying to explain to you. But she told me all about 'Peter Pan' and 'Alice in Wonderland' and all those old cartoons, and she mentioned once or twice how there was one in particular she wanted that she was never going to get.

Sex, love, men, women, she just didn't care about it. And so there I am, working on ways to reprogram the human brain, and there's Lydia, who makes my cock rock-hard just to think about her, and I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't make that connection pretty damn quick.

Some of the guys at work called her "frigid", but I always thought that sounded kind of cruel. That kept me up a few nights, giving myself the old firm handshake, if you know what I mean.

I'd packed it with all sorts of suggestions, triggers, behavior modification stuff...sorry, is that your "How could you do that? She never actually saw the movie, she just followed the instructions on the disc that told her to remember watching it.) She even kissed me, which was more affection than she'd ever shown anyone ever in the two years I'd known her.

I found an excuse to get her alone, and I said...well, I said something from the movie.

That was the thing, all of the important words from the movie became triggers for certain behaviors.

It was the one movie she was never going to get to see, no matter how much she wanted to. So when I walked over to her cubicle, and showed her a DVD case, and said, "Guess what this is? Until I told her, "It's a bootleg copy of..." Um, I better not mention that either.

Sorry, I swear it'll all make sense to you soon enough.

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