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The overarching advice he offered to the intently listening crowd was empathy.

story Id=127888976 As for the psychopaths he studies, Fallon feels some compassion for these people who, he says, got "a bad roll of the dice." "It's an unlucky day when all of these three things come together in a bad way, and I think one has to empathize with what happened to them," he says.Pair bonding and rearing of young organisms increased their survival and was consequently selected for, driving the development of new mental capacities.For some of us in the human realization game, the high water mark of our development is empathy. Yet though just about anyone would agree that Jesus was one compassionate dude, empathy is being looked on with suspicion by certain upstanding Americans.First, among vertebrates, birds and mammals developed ways of rearing their young, plus forms of pair bonding sometimes for life.This is very different from the pattern among fish and reptile species, most of which make their way in life alone.

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It is something we should cultivate because it makes us better people. But it is also sometimes suggested that empathy is somehow necessary for morality.

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