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He enjoys material possessions and his appreciation for beauty doesn't stop there.He'll flirt with a pretty woman even if he's happily married.Well, she might if she evokes one of the qualities she possesses in abundance - compassion.

Don't bruise her feelings because she won't ever trust you with them again.

If Pisces is off enjoying her solitude, she might not even notice his absence. She wants to please her Libra lover and he'll let her experiment until her heart's content.

Libra adores his mystical Pisces, even though he doesn't understand her. Pisces turns lovemaking into a mystical sensual experience.

As an element, air can skim over the water's surface but rarely dips into its depths.

Whenever air attempts this feat, the water is transformed into a dangerous water spout, and once the air subsides, the water returns to its true form.

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She's eager to discuss these issues with Libra, but if he becomes too analytical, Pisces will yawn and swim away for some alone time. Chances are, Libra will grow weary of Pisces' emotional nature and slowly drift away.

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