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When the runbook is run, the system updates the Release Update Scripts Error Log. Object Server Dynamics AXBatch Management: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid column name ' RELATIONTYPE'.

Error Count field every time that a specific script fails. In the Data Upgrade package folder, under ..\Aos Services\Scripts\, there is a script that is named Ignore Blocking Scripts.ps1. Rec Id Cannot select a record in Dimension hierarchy nodes (CAMData Dimension Hierarchy Node). This issue is a known issue that will be resolved in a future release.

The data upgrade scripts begin to be run at Step 5 of the runbook.Therefore, you can easily identify skipped scripts later. Please provide a base table'; RETURN; END IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM SYS. Object Server Dynamics AXBatch Management: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Invalid column name ' TEMPLATE'. Every script that is successfully run records the number of minutes that it took in the Release Update Scripts Log. Therefore, you can easily identify the longest-running scripts when you're trying to tune the performance of the data upgrade process. COLUMNS WHERE NAME = @FIELDNAME AND OBJECT_ID = OBJECT_ID(@TABLENAME)) BEGIN PRINT @TABLENAME ' table contains Relation Type. INSERT INTO Ledger Period Close Template Task ( TEMPLATE, AREA, NAME, MENUITEM, MENUITEMTYPE, TARGETDAYSFROMPROJECTCOMPLETE, DUETIME, LEGALENTITYSELECTION, RECVERSION, PARTITION, RECID, CLOSINGROLE, LINENUM) SELECT T1. You must specify the name of your database in the alter database command.This section provides information that can help you troubleshoot various issues.

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