Are blaze and silver dating

Some of the Sonic characters get forced to participate in a "game" that will determine who they will be dating, but due to someone not wanting it to be totally cliche, they change the results to make this crazy.

I do not own Sonic or the Sonic characters other than Kaira and Zaira.

He figured that Amy wanted him to come to her house to see groundhog come out of hiding and tell them how much more winter they were going to have.

He flipped the pages and set it on February second.

Amy was happily strolling down the road when she happened to glance at a calendar. If you don't show up, you will be disqualified and have to pay the penalty for skipping out on the greatest day of the year. This should take up most of your day, but it'll be worth it.

He sat up and read it out loud."You're officially invited to Amy's house for something that you won't believe.

It's too bad, you're making me dizzy But according to me you're stupid, you're useless You can't do anything right Points at Sonic But according to him I'm beautiful, incredible He can't get me out of his head According to him I'm funny, irresistible Everything he ever wanted Points at Silver Everything is opposite, I don't feel like stopping it Baby tell me what I got to lose He's into me for everything I'm not According to you, you According to you, you According to you I'm stupid, I'm useless I can't do anything right Blaze stops singing and everyone yells and boos Silver throwing food and drinks at him until he leaves.

Sonic walks up to Blaze and asks her "Blaze do you mean it?

" Silver told them."At least I know that I can potentially live forever…," Shadow mumbled to himself."I'm gonna die!? I shouldn't have said that…," Silver commented to himself."Alright! We all are here because Amy invited us over here for something. If you need to check the date, my calendar is over there! " asked Silver."I've set up the force field around my house (again if you read The Sonic Crew Plays Quelf). Sonic nearly passed out when he heard the name, Shadow looked for a moment horrified, Blaze with Cosmo were sort of baffled, Silver was trying not to smirk at Blaze (he likes her), Knuckles turned an even brighter red, Rouge got out her lipstick, and Tails looked sort of nervous."I wanna die…," Sonic whimpered."I've been in too many fan projects to be in this situation! " asked Sonic."You're the main character, so you have to do this! " Tails shot back."This is about love and not fighting…," Silver said."I'd prefer it to be all about fighting myself…," Knuckles growled."Everyone be quiet, and I'll make a fuzzy cat appear! (A fuzzy cat was rubbing against my computer)."Uh…""Nevermind! Better for it to hang out with me rather than that batty thief! Mark your calendars because this'll be the best day of my life! " Kaira chirped."I had a little help," Amy said."Well, what's this all about? The order will be Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and last Silver."Why do I have to go first…? The day she'd get to prepare for the greatest day of the year. She had just come back from the store and was about ready to set things up. It was the day before Valentine's Day which just so happened to be her second favorite day of the year.

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