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Or Steve Okon, the purported son of a murdered Zimbabwean diplomat.

He's got the skinny on about million stashed away in an Amsterdam vault.

, and they're untraceable when registered with false information and used from a public terminal.

Though most people merely laugh at the pleas' awful grammar and all-caps style ("I WILL LIKE YOU CONTACT MY LAWYER ..."), about 1 percent of recipients actually respond. Secret Service has estimated—conservatively, by its own admission—that the scammers net 0 million per year.

Of that number, enough people fork over enough cash to sustain an industry that ranks in Nigeria's top five, right up there with palm oil and tin. The scam is experiencing a digitally aided heyday, but 419's roots stretch back to the Jazz Age.

Unfortunately for the gullible of the world, Lagos teems with bright, underemployed youths who grasp that concept.

No longer the sole domain of professional criminals, 419 has become a cozy family business, Nigeria's version of the Greek diner or Irish pub.

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